Property Damage Coverage is required by law in Florida to register and operate a motor vehicle. Property Damage Coverage is a coverage that pays for damages that you or a family member cause and are liable for to other people’s property in a motor vehicle crash.

What Does Property Damage Coverage Cover In Florida

Property Damage Coverage does not just cover motor vehicles of others. If you are involved in a crash where you hit someone’s tree, building, fence, pole, etc and are at fault than the Property Damage Coverage will cover to repair those things too. Property Damage Coverage will also assist in your legal defense for the damaged properties. Property Damage does not cover your vehicle or your owned properties. The minimum required Property Damage Coverage in Florida is $10,000 and can be increased. This coverage will only pay for a claim up to others the amount of coverage you purchase on your policy.

Don’t Drive Without Property Damage Coverage

Property Damage is a required mandatory coverage in Florida you have to purchase it. If you do not carry this coverage the State of Florida will suspend your license and /or vehicle registration and also fine you $150 to $500 to reinstate your license. If you are in involved in an accident and do not have this Property Damage coverage you will be held personally liable for damages you caused to the other party. You could be forced to sell or liquidate your assets in order to pay the for the damages you caused. The only way you are not mandated to cover a motor vehicle in Florida is if you go to your local DMV / or Tag Agency and turn your tag in to keep the state from applying any consequences.


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