Protecting your assets and your future is extremely important. Umbrella Insurance can protect you personally or your business with extra liability coverage to help make your assets more secure.

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What is Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance provides additional liability coverage after your other insurance policies liability has been exhausted. Umbrella Insurance can cover your home, auto, boat or other personal insurance policies and also your business auto, commercial general liability or other business insurance policies. Umbrella Insurance can also pay claims that may not be normally covered on your home or auto or other insurance policies including legal defense fees. Umbrella Insurance will cover your spouse and family living in your household.

Umbrella Insurance Limits

Umbrella Insurance will cover liability  of $1,000,000 and higher.  Call us today to see what amount of Umbrella Insurance Coverage you need.

Examples of Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

Let’s say you have a party at your house and  your friend Joe falls down the stairs and injures himself pretty badly. The injuries and recovery are quite expensive and Joe sues you to pay for his injuries. His bills and lawsuit came out to be $600,000. Your home insurance liability coverage will only pay $300,000. If you have an Umbrella Insurance policy it will pay the remaining $300,000 and legal defense.

Lets say your teenager was driving to school one morning and wasn’t paying attention and ran a red light and hit a car full of workers. They all had to go to the hospital with injuries. Everyone in the vehicle sues you for the injuries. A law suit is filed against you for $800,000. Your auto policy has a per accident limit of $50,000. If you have an umbrella policy of at least $1,000,000 it would pay the remaining $750,000.

Umbrella Insurance gives people peace of mind that the things they have worked hard for all their lives can be protected.


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